Fliteboard Service

Need to service your Fliteboard? We can help you out. 

Leave all the technical matters in our hands - as a Flite Authorised Service we have required knowledge, tools and spare parts to bring your board to a brand new state. We handle regular inspections, warranty issues and repairs on all Fliteboard setups in our workshop in Pula, Croatia. 

As Fliteboard owner you would need to inspect your Fliteboard with Flite Authorised Service to receive the two-year guarantee from Flite. First inspection is required after 1 year or 100 working hours (afterwards, every 12 months). Warranty service costs 250 EUR. 

For regular inspections and repairs we would charge service hourly rate and the actual cost of any parts reqired to be replaced. To be able to give you a quote we need to hear from you so feel free to share your inquiry with us!